The builder Ian Cunningham had a German shepherd who followed him around on the site when he was working here. On the day they were unpacking the “bag of bones” (The T.rex skeleton), the dog grabbed a great bone and took off out the door with it. It was a challenge to get it back off him. Gavin Schumacher, Project Electrician

At the time of the Museum installation kangaroos had developed a habit of venturing down from Mount Panorama into the Bathurst town centre. The Museum doors were usually kept open during the day while the collection was being installed. A wayward kangaroo snuck in while we were working. It panicked, accidentally cut itself and left bloody paw prints over the glass showcases. The more we tried to remove it, the more it panicked. We left it to settle down and the kangaroo safely escaped later that day. Tim Pike, BRC Collections Manager.oo

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