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Mini Mammoth

Meet our life sized, inflatable, junior woolly mammoth in the latest exhibition at the Australian Fossil and Mineral Museum, Mini Mammoth.

This exhibition has been curated for children and answers the questions you always wanted to know about mammoths, and even a few you might not have thought to ask!

Were mammoths all mammoth sized? Did all mammoths live in cold climates? When was the Ice Age? Did mammoths live in Australia? Are mammoths related to elephants? Did all mammoths have tusks? How did they migrate to America? What caused their extinction?

Mammoths roamed across the icy wind-swept plains of the northern hemisphere during the most recent Ice Age, but they first evolved in Africa millions of years before the Ice Age began.

Not all mammoths were the eight tonne, 4.5metre great beasts with five metre long tusks that we imagine roaming the Earth during the Ice Age. Mini mammoth fossils have been found on isolated islands, where the animals adapted to suit the island conditions and were no bigger than a horse.

Meet the most well-known mammoth, the woolly mammoth, which lived alongside with humans for thousands of years until the last of the species became extinct thousands of years ago.

Mini Mammoth will be on display at the Australian Fossil and Mineral Museum, 224 Howick Street, Bathurst until the end of the Winter Festival, on 22 July 2018.