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The Australian Fossil and Mineral Museum - Home of the Somerville Collection.

From rocks under the bed to a T.rex in the cool room, the stories of the spectacular lifetime work of Warren Somerville AM and how it found a home in the historic 1876 Public School building in Howick Street, Bathurst.

Over 70 years ago a 10 year old boy lugged a heavy bag off his bicycle. He had ridden for kilometres. The bag that weighed tens of kilos and was full of rocks. He had been exploring the tailings dumps of old abandoned mines and mine shafts in the Central West of NSW. It was the beginning of a lifelong passion for collecting.

Over 60 years later Warren Somerville AM donated half of one of the most significant collections of fossil and minerals in Australia to the public and it is now housed in the Australian Fossil and Mineral Museum in Bathurst.

This extraordinary world class collection includes some of the best mineral specimens of their type from across the globe, one of Australia's most significant collections in amber, opalised fossils, a sabre tooth skull and a T. rex.