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Situated in the heart of Bathurst, New South Wales, Australia, the Australian Fossil and Mineral Museum is the home of the internationally renowned Somerville Collection.

The Somerville Collection is the lifetime work of Warren Somerville AM and features some of the finest and rarest specimens of mineral crystals and fossils from around the world.

The collection is housed in the historic 1876 Public School building which underwent major refurbishment before being fitted out with stunningly beautiful exhibitions. As a unique education resource, the building currently holds 2000 fossil and mineral specimens which are displayed in two main exhibitions - the Fossil Gallery and the Mineral Gallery.

The Mineral Gallery includes specimens from many of Australia’s and the world’s most important mines, brilliantly displayed and clearly identified. Displays explore the formation of rocks and minerals, mineral locations, crystal structure and the use of minerals in our lives. Rare formations, crystallised gold, raw gemstones, delicate uranium mineral crystallisation and stunning colours make this gallery unforgettable.

The fossil gallery displays specimens from every major stage of life on Earth. The centrepiece of the exhibition is a display of three dinosaurs, a Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton, an Albertosaurus and a smaller Thescelosaurus skeleton. The collection also includes Australia's largest collection of fossils in amber, fossilised dinosaur eggs, some of the oldest fossils of early forms of life, and a large collection of Australia's unique opalised fossils.

The museum also has a temporary exhibition space displaying a changing program of travelling and temporary exhibitions and a museum shop with a wide variety of quality fossil and mineral specimens, dinosaur, Earth history and science products.

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